关于Tata Power-DDL

Tata Power-DDL has been the frontrunner in implementing power distribution reforms in the capital city and is acknowledged for its consumer-friendly practices. Since privatization, the Aggregate Technical & 商业(在&C) losses in Tata Power-DDL areas have shown a record decline.在&C loss is a measure of the overall efficiency of the distribution business that is the difference between units input into the system and the units for which the payment is collected. 今天,在&C损失为8.59%, which is an unprecedented reduction of around 84% from an opening loss level of 53% in July 2002.

Tata Power-DDL has to its credit several firsts in Delhi: SCADA controlled Grid Stations, 自动抄表, GSM-based Street Lighting system, SMS based Fault Management System, 等. Tata Power-DDL has also embarked on its Smart Grid Journey and has become the first utility to initiate Automated Metering 基础设施 based Auto Demand Response program in the country which will help in managing peak demand & 网格压力.


With an objective to promote renewable energy, with special focus on 太阳能屋顶 解决方案 in India, Tata Power-DDL has undertaken a number of initiatives and has made its presence felt in the industry, 如下所述.


In 2014, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) received a grant from the US Trade and 发展 Agency (USTDA) to complete a feasibility study titled "Business Models for Distributed Energy Resource Deployment". Tata Power-DDL engaged Energy and Environmental Economics (E3), a recognized energy consulting agency based out of San Francisco to conduct the study.

The main objectives of the study:

The purpose of this study was to support Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited in identifying and implementing various distributed energy resources such as Rooftop Solar PV, 需求响应 & 存储选项:

  • Develop business case for DER with emphasis on rooftop solar PV
  • Improve network reinforcement, reliability, environmental 可持续性
  • Increase renewable and green energy footprint
  • Identify resources other than coal to offset peak load
  • Develop regulatory roadmap for rooftop solar PV
Please click on the link below to download the study report:
E3 Study Rooftop Solar Presentation

Tata Power-DDL Policy Advocacy on Rooftop Solar

In its endeavour to make Solar rooftop 解决方案 in Delhi, 印度成功了, Tata Power-DDL offers its services to its consumers for Rooftop Solar Project implementation. The Hon’ble Commission has accepted Tata Power-DDL proposal and has approved its proposed initiatives in Solar 项目 which will ensure standardization and uniform compliance with stipulated Regulations as well as quality and safety norms.


Tata Power-DDL received the highest honour rating of SP IA (pronounced as solar power one A) as a "System Integration Grading for Solar PV projects" from ICRA, 这表明 'highest performance capability' & 'highest financial strength' of Tata Power-DDL to undertake solar PV projects. Tata Power-DDL is the only utility channel partner of MNRE with highest grading SP1A.